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Archived Police Updates

31st August 2008  Ely Police Station Open Day

Its that time of year again Ely Police Station is holding its annual open day on Sunday 21st September 2008 from 12pm till 4pm the station is going to be open to members of the public.

During the day you will be able to meet your local neighbourhood policing team, get a behind the scenes look at daily life in and around the police station and take part in competitions and activities.

Stalls will include finger printing, an opportunity to look inside the police vehicles, a speed gun challenge and many more.

There will also be representatives from the other emergency services and the Special Constabulary. Hope to see you there

PCSOs Barb Neill and Jack Harris - South Neighbourhood Policing Team 0845 456 456 4

27th August 2008 – Satellite Navigation Equipment

With satellite navigation equipment becoming more popular with motorists, its also becoming more popular with criminals. Where its portable keep it safe by taking it, together with the support cradle and suction pads, with you when you leave the car. And remember to wipe away any suction pad marks left on the windscreen or dashboard as thieves will look out for these.

Dont leave the equipment in the glove compartment thieves will usually check there first. You can also help by: Marking your satellite navigation equipment system with your postcode and house number or your vehicle registration number or another unique number, using special security markers eg a UV pen or SmartWater.

 Make a note of the make, model and serial number of the equipment and keep the note somewhere safe  not in the car.

  Consider recording this information on one of the commercially available asset registers such as Immobilise.  Dont leave anything on view in your car.

 Lock all doors and windows, not forgetting the sunroof, when leaving your car.

All information about securing your personal property can be found on


PCSOs Barb Neill and Jack Harris - South Neighbourhood Policing Team 0845 456 456 4

22nd August 2008 – Car and Diesel Theft

Many thanks to all of those that let me know of my spelling error in my last message at least I know you are reading them and I'm sure you all know what you're looking for, I will try not to trust my spell checker in future.

This week we have had the attempted theft of a vehicle in Isleham the thieves managed to get the vehicle started however were disturbed by a vigilant neighbour and ran off thankfully leaving the vehicle were it belongs. They made off in 2 cars one being a dark coloured Rover and the other a white or silver Sierra Sapphire. Have you seen these vehicles in your area? If so please let us know.

Our isolated droves and farms have once again been targeted and a large amount of diesel taken once again, a red transit style van was seen in the area a couple of days before the theft so if you see any vehicle acting suspiciously near you then please let us know.

Those of you in the Snailwell area will no doubt be aware that there was a large fire down at the EMR scrap yard this week, I spoke to the fire service late last night who hoped it would be out by the weekend so hopefully the air in the area will return to normal in time for the weekend.

RegardsPCSOs Barb Neill and Jack Harris - South Neighbourhood Policing Team,0845 456 456 4

 20th August 2008 – Rogue Traders

Could we please ask all residents to be extremely cautious when buying goods or services at the door.  If someone knocks on your door offering to do work for you or stating you need work doing on your property please stop and ask yourself if this is really TRUE. You should then ask friends or relatives if they can recommend a trader to come round and check whether this work is required.  If you already know the work does need doing then seek 2 or 3 quotes before you agree to have any work done by any trader. If any of you have friends or relatives that you think may benefit from any advice then please don't hesitate to give either myself or Jack a call and we will do what we can to help. It is worth remembering that these people will often target elderly or vulnerable people in our communities so please keep your eye on your areas and if you see anyone you suspect to be a rouge trader, please give us a call so we can check them out.

Kind regards

PCSOs Barb Neill and Jack Harris - South Neighbourhood Policing Team 0845 456 456 4

 20th August 2008 – Thefts from Sheds and Garages

During the last few weeks, Cambridgeshire Constabulary has received increased reports of thefts from garages and sheds.  Garages and sheds often contain high value items and yet many homeowners overlook the security of their 'outbuildings' when considering the overall security of their property.


Therefore, please take time to review the security of your garage/shed and consider the following:

1) If you have a garage that can be accessed via a side or rear door, consider fitting an internal floor lock to the inside of your 'up and over'garage door.  These locks are relatively inexpensive and can be bolted to the floor to provide additional protection for your garage door.

2) Consider the use of an intruder alarm - if you already have an intruder alarm in place at your property, consider extending the system into a garage or shed?  Alternatively, consider the use of a stand alone garage/shed wireless alarm.

3) Use closed shackle padlocks to secure locks and bolts as these are more difficult to bolt crop.  Alternatively, consider the use of combination padlocks and bolts.

4) Consider chaining and locking valuable items together, as this makes it harder for individual or multi items to be removed.  Consider chaining the items through a secure lock that can be bolted into the ground or through a heavy item such as a paving slab.

5) Consider the use of a PIR security light that is activated upon movement detection, to provide coverage over a garage or shed.

6) If you have a window in your garage/shed, use net curtains or curtains across the windows so that your personal items are not on view.  Consider the use of additional window locks and window alarms.

If like many homeowners, you house everything in your garage except your vehicle, park your vehicle right up to the garage door to restrict access to it!

If you have any information about crime please contact us on 0845 456 456 4 or alternatively call crime stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Regards PCSOs Barb Neill and Jack Harris

15th August 2008 – Stolen Quad Bike

A quad bike was stolen on Tuesday 12th August from Fordham.

It is a red quad bike with a reg mark of X605 YEL.It was seen on the back of a trailer being pulled by an old style volvo.

If anyone sees this quad bike being driven around or on the back of a trailer please call 0845 456 456 4.

31st July 2008 – Stolen Tortoises

Could I just bring to your attention that we have had a theft of two tortoises from Fordham. Could I ask you to keep a look out in your gardens just in case they were released after this theft and to let us know if you see any offered for sale locally. Could those of you that have pets that are kept outside please be mindful that these thefts are taking place and keep an eye on yours. just in case.

Kind regards

PCSOs Barb Neill and Jack Harris - South Neighbourhood Policing Team 0845 456 456 4

24th July 2008 – School Holidays

 Just to reiterate the summer months being here and kids are now on summer holidays-lucky them! please report ASAP if you see any of them up to no good. Of course we want them to enjoy themselves and have fun but we don't want them to be disrupting your summer as well. I hope you are all enjoying the weather at the moment.

Kind regards - PCSO Barb Neill and PCSO Jack Harris - South Neighbourhood Policing Team -0845 456 456 4

 20th July 2008 -Personal Security

 With the summer months now upon us we are seeing more and more windows being left open in buildings (and cars). If you do open windows please remember to close them later especially when you are going out or at night as an open window could be seen as an opportunity, especially if you have the front windows open but are having a BBQ in the back garden. Also, If you see us "out and about" please feel free to come and say "hello" and have a chat.

Kind regards - PCSO Barb Neill and PCSO Jack Harris - South Neighbourhood Policing Team - 0845 456 456 4

 16th July 2008 – Human Trafficking

 Cambridgeshire Police, in partnership with the Gangmasters Licensing Authority and the UK Human Trafficking Centre are undertaking an extensive piece of work to gather intelligence in relation to the growing problem of Human Trafficking and Exploitation. It is clear that as European borders are opening, more and more opportunities exist for organised criminal gangs to make vast sums of money from people less fortunate than ourselves who wish to travel to the UK in search of a better life.  Many of the people who come to the UK do so willingly but some of the most vulnerable are tricked or forced to come here and having arrived, they are housed in appalling conditions, made to work excessively long hours and have their money taken from them or in some cases not paid at all. Many have their documents taken and they or their families are threatened with violence if they contact the authorities or complain.  Some of the lucky ones manage to escape from their captors but they do not then have the means or the knowledge to return to their home land and they are too afraid to go to the authorities. Many end up living rough on the streets and may turn to crime or prostitution to support themselves. We are keen to hear from anyone who has information which may help to build the picture of the situation in Cambridgeshire and would be especially interested in any information concerning the following:

  • Any properties which appear to be rented and occupied by 5 or more persons of the same gender (male or female) but not in the same family

  • Any locations regularly used to collect or deposit large groups of migrant workers

  • Any locations regularly frequented by groups of men/women to collect or cash wages

  • Any locations regularly employing large numbers of casual workers

  • Any persons who may be involved in bringing large numbers of foreign workers into the UK.

 This information is vitally important to assist in tackling the traffickers and any information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence. If you have any information - no matter how insignificant you think it may be - please contact one of your local officers.

 Alternatively you can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 or "Stop Trafficking UK" on 0844 8003314.

Regards PCSO Harris and PCSO Neill

 1st July 2008 - Tack Thefts

 Saddle and other associated horse tack theft is a continuing problem within the county. We urge all horse owners to be as vigilant as possible when it comes to storing equipment. Tack rooms although making our lives simple are also providing easy access for thieves to large amounts of valuable equipment. We encourage owners to keep saddles etc. at home rather than in yards which are often unoccupied throughout the hours of darkness. Saddle marking & the use of smartwater will help deter thieves and also enable us to reunite owners with property when it is recovered. Simple solutions such as keeping doors shut and closing gates also help to put off intruders. If you are offered cheap horse tack for sale please ask yourselves the questions "where did this come from ? has this person got the right to sell this equipment ? 

Remember if a deal seems "too good to be true" -  it usually is !

 Thanks- PC 1848 Webber and the Rural Cambridgshire Action Team

30th June 2008 - Shed Security

Over the last few weeks there have been an increase in shed break ins.The people who are doing this are getting into insecure sheds and are

taking gardening tools and anything they can find.Just a couple of tips to help keep your shed secure.Remember to lock your sheds.

If your shed has windows try and put something over the window so potentialthieves cant see inside. Any contents you may have in your shed like bikes lawn mowers etc. (valuables) can be registered on immobilise. This is a free service where you can register anything from Phones to bikes and lawn mowers. It is a free service and it means that if a registered item gets stolen it is easier for the police to trace the item back to the owner. You can find a link to this service from the police website.

Regards- PCSO Jack Harris and PCSO Barb Neill

26th April 2008 - Theft of garden equipment from sheds and garages.

As we at last appear to be enjoying some sunshine, it has come to light that our garages, sheds & outbuildings appear to be our latest target by thieves. Over the last week a few residents have either noticed that their outbuildings have  been broken into and ride on mowers and strimmers have been taken or that the locks have been tampered with. I know how good you all are at securing your homes but could I ask you to take a look at your outbuildings and that of your friends/families and neighbours. You can purchase anti-bolt cropper padlocks now which I would highly recommend as they reduce the chance of the thieves cutting off some cheaper padlocks.

Regards PCSO Barb Neill - South Neighbourhood Policing Team - 0845 456 456 4

21st April 2008- ATM Fraud using Card Cloning Devices

There has recently been a couple if incidences of Lebanese Loops (card cloning devices) found on ATM machines in Ely If you have recently used a cash machine, please check your bank statements for anything out of the ordinary and if you find anything, please report it on 0845 4564564.

I would be grateful if you could pass this information on to anyone who may have used a cash machine, in, or around Ely recently.

Many Thanks. PCSO Barb Neill - South Neighbourhood Policing team.

15th April 2008 - Burglary at Fordham Co-op & Suspicious Workmen

Could I make you aware of a couple of things that have happened in our villages over the last few days.  Firstly, the co-op in Isleham has had one of its rear buildings broken into and a large amount of alcohol has been stolen so if any of you are offered cheap booze however tempting it may be please let us know.  Secondly, i have had reported 2 males found in somebodys back garden.  When challenged on what they were doing there they stated that they were from the electricity board and had tried knocking on the front door but got no response.  They claimed that they had paperwork and were from a company called Morrisons, whether they were or not is still being looked into however the fact that they stated that they from the electricity board seems a little strange as it no longer exists.  Could i ask you to keep an eye on yours and your neighbours gardens and if you spot any strange activity please give us a call.  PCSO Barb Neill South Neighbourhood Policing Team - 0845 456 4564

11th April 2008 - Rural Community Action Team - Wildlife Crime

Cambridgeshire police Rural Community Action Team now have two officers trained as Wildlife crime officers. PC's Paul Carter and Tony Hales are now in position to deal with wildlife crimes and can also give advice to the public regarding wildlife legislation. All crimes and incidents involving wildlife will be monitored by them. They will be working throughout Cambridgeshire with other agencies such as the RSPCA, RSPB and National Wildlife crime unit. Both officers can be contacted through the force switchboard on 0845 456 4564 or on email ''

8th April 2008 - Land Rover Discovery Stolen

Could I ask you all to keep an eye out for a Land Rover Discovery index number H10 TOP and a dark coloured Nissan index G374 TFL? The Land Rover was stolen and the Nissan was seen as the vehicle that was used to transport the thieves to the area that the Land Rover was taken from.If you spot either vehicle then please give us a shout?

6th April 2008 - Vehicle Stolen & Vehicle Security Advice

As we end another week can I please bring to your attention that again this week we have had a vehicle stolen which had it's keys left in the ignition.

This time it was a delivery van in Chippenham and the driver felt that as he was only dropping goods off and was only going to be a few minutes that it was ok to leave the keys in, needless to say in those few minutes the vehicle was gone along with its contents. We did track the vehicle down later that day albeit minus some of it's contents but it does go to show how quickly these things can happen. That said can I please ask you all to please remove your keys from your ignitions even if you just pop in to your homes so it does not happen to you. It also goes to prove that as uncomfortable as it may be that there are some rouges out in our villages so anything you see that's a little odd please let us know about it.

Kind Regards - PCSO Barb Neill South Neighbourhood Policing Team - 0845 456 4564

3rd April 2008 - Neighbourhood Panel Priorities

Following our neighbourhood panel meeting last night I am pleased to let you know that our priorities for the coming 3 months have been set as Anti Social Behaviour and Distraction Burglaries. I must say that we had a good turn out from the public last night which was pleasing as it's great to get an input from all sectors as the priorities set have an impact on all of us.  Regards PCSO Barb Neill

28th March 2008 - Quad Bikes Causing a Nuisance

Over the last few weeks we have had a few reports of quad bikes and mini motos being used in and around our villages, we would like to nip this in the bud before the warmer weather finally gets to us so you can all enjoy your gardens in peace so if you see or hear them in your area then please give us a call? Regards PCSO Barb Neill

25th March 2008 - A New Trap for the unwary

It has come to light over the last few days that there is a new trap that people in the Ely area have been duped into. What occurs is a man claiming to be from the council is knocking on doors and saying that he has been sent to collect a vehicle owned by the resident of the property, he then states that failure to hand the vehicle over will result in the resident being issued with a fine. this has resulted in the vehicle being handed over with seemingly no further questions asked. This is a con, please, please if any of you have anyone trying this tactic in our villages let us know? You should ask for identification and verify it with the issuing authority before giving any information or article to any person. Regards PCSO Barb Neill

22nd March 2008 - For Peace of mind if you are away

Peace of Mind While you're Away - Everyone needs a holiday some time, and however much you like your home, there's nothing like a change of surroundings. But you want to come home and find everything as you left it. Four out of five burglaries occur when a house or flat is empty; so dont advertise that you're away on holiday. Plan Ahead, use the checklist to help you keep your home secure. Read it and plan ahead, then tick off the items just before you go. Help from your neighbours, its also a good idea to get help from your neighbours. All you have to do is ask a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your home while away. You could ask them to collect post left in the letterbox, and generally make the place look lived in. You can repay the favour by doing the same for them. Warn your key holding neighbour not to put your surname address or even your house number on your keys in case they fall into the wrong hands. Is there a neighbourhood watch scheme where you live? It could help you keep your home secure while you're away, and has many other Crime Prevention and community benefits.

 Holiday Checklist

  •      Cut the lawn before you go.

  •      Arrange for pets to be properly looked after.

  •      Register your property on If your property is then stolen and later recovered it would help police identify the    rightful owner.

  •      Cancel deliveries of milk, newspapers etc, discreetly don't announce your departure to a shop full of people. Only tell people who need to know you're going away.

  •      Make sure your house looks occupied. A closed curtain in the daytime makes it look as if no one is at home. It is worthwhile to get automatic time-switches to switch lights, and a radio, on and off in downstairs rooms.

  •      Don't leave valuable items like TVs, videos or hi-fi visible through windows.

  •      Lock your garage and shed with proper security locks, after putting all your tools safely away so they cannot be used to break into your house.

  •      Don't have your home address showing on your luggage for the outward journey.

  •      Finally lock all outside doors and windows. If you have a burglar alarm, make sure it is set  and that your key holder knows how to operate it.

  •  And just before you actually set off, its worth allowing a quiet couple of minutes on the doorstep to check you've done all you had to do and taken everything you need with you.

      Have a safe journey, a great holiday and return home not a victim of crime

20th March 2008 - More Distraction Thefts and Purse Snatches

 Distraction Thefts -We have had a couple of incidents in the villages this week, The first being a distraction burglary in Chippenham, the second being a burglary in Isleham. The burglary in Isleham was interrupted by the swift arrival of the residents vigilant neighbour who managed to get the vehicle details they are a Fiat Ducato van index was L486 RVF, if you spot it or any other vehicles or persons behaving in a suspicious manner just give me a call. It has also been noted that in the case of the burglary that the areas targeted had been visited previously and padlocks had been cut off and removed. Could I please ask you to pay extra attention to both yours and your neighbours property, in particular any outbuildings that they may have?

Purse Snatches  - There has been a spate of purse snatches from handbags in the Ely area. This is not something that has been targeting the elderly but ladies of all age groups. The people seem to be quite proficient in opening your bag and removing your purse without you even realising that anything has happened until of course you go to use your purse. They will often lean over you whilst browing in stores, and it is thought that this is when the thefts are taking place, seems obvious I know but keep an eye on your bags (as well as your mums, aunties and friends) as you can be sure someone else may well be too. Have a great Easter - PCSO Barb Neil

19th March 2008 - Thieves Claiming to be Police Officers

A man has claimed to be a police officer to try and trick his way into the homes of two elderly women.

The incidents happened at 8pm last night (Monday March 17). The first burglary took place in High Street, Chippenham when a man claiming to be an officer knocked at an elderly woman's home. The woman refused to let him in and then noticed two other men in her home who let the man in and they all searched the property before leaving. Nothing was stolen. The first man is described as white, 5'6", a medium build, between 21 and 40, wearing dark clothing, gloves and a woolly hat. The second man is described as white, 5'7", slim and wearing a grey hooded jumper and gloves.

The third man is described as white, 5'6", slim and wearing dark clothing.


The second incident happened at a property in Mays Avenue, Balsham when a man claiming to be an officer knocked at an elderly woman¿s home.

The woman then noticed two men in her home who let the third man in and they all searched the property. After which the woman noticed cash was missing. The first man is described as white, slim, 5'6", 16 to 18 and a hooded top. The second man is described as white, a large build and around 50-years-old. The third man is described as white, 5'7", stocky and between 30 and 40.


Detective Inspector Alan Page said: "These men are clearly targeting the elderly and vulnerable and have no thought for the stress they are putting their victims through. I would urge people to be vigilant and remain alert to the activities in their neighbourhood. If you not any suspicious activity, particularly around the homes of elderly residents, please report it to police immediately. Officers would never just let themselves into a persons home if a burglary or similar incident had occurred next door. All police officers always carry identification on them at all times and the public have a right to ask to see it. If anyone is concerned someone trying to enter their home is not a genuine police officer they should call 999 immediately.  In the meantime I would urge people to ensure their homes are kept locked and secure at all times. " Investigations are ongoing into these offences, which police believe may be connected. Anyone with any information should contact DI Page at Parkside Police Station on 0845 456 4564 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111

16th March 2008 - Further Thefts

We have had quite an eventful few days! We had a theft of a large quantity of electrical wire from a house undergoing renovation in Badlingham. So could I ask you all to pay some extra attention if you have any properties undergoing renovation in your area or perhaps a new building project.

We also have a vehicle broken into in Isleham and a theft of a quantity of electrical tools, as well as a vehicle having it's fuel tank emptied and a horse trailer taken from Fordham as well as an aviary being broken into and some budgies & lovebird stolen.

Could I ask you to please keep a look out in your local area and if you see or hear anything suspicious please give me a call?

Regards PCSO Barb Neill

9th March 2008 - Anti Social Behavior - Number Plate Damage

Here is the run down for this weeks going on’s in Soham and the villages. All in all not such a bad week we have had vehicles causing a nuisance in Soham and driving in an anti social manner, please report or at least Email us with details of when and where any vehicles are that are causing problems and of course any number plate reg’s if you can get them. Staying on a vehicle note there have been a number of work vans targeted in the south neighbourhood area so if you have a work van with tools in it or know someone who has please tell them to be aware of the current trend in tool thefts.

We have also had a rise in anti social behaviour in the High Street in Soham I know this is very frustrating and it can seem that nothing is being done but there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes and we still need people to phone in any ASB they may see.

Other then the above the only things of note that have taken place are a fire in the old Grammar School in Soham and a series of number plates that have been pulled off a number of cars in Carter Street, Fordham these seem to have been done just for the sake of doing the damage rather then anything crime related. Regards PCSO Barb Neill

7th March 2008 - Thefts from Vehicles

This is a short message to appeal to all members of the community to be vigilant, especially those who have vans, or routinely carry tools in there vehicles. There has been a recent spate of thefts in the neighbouring villages and I am concerned the offenders will come to our area. It is essential that you do not leave any valuables in your vehicle, my best advice is to remove the valuables especially tools from your vehicles as a matter of course, every night. If this is not possible then I would recommend that vans are reversed up against a solid object (wall, garage door etc) as the method of entry to the previous offences has been forced locks, and forced rear doors.

If you see any persons interfering with vehicles please call in. Regards CBM Nick Webber

28th February 2008 - Nesting Birds

Please be aware that wild birds will start nest building in March. Once construction of nests has commenced it is an offence to damage or destroy the nest eg by hedge cutting/tree felling ( Wildlife and Countryside act 1981). For further information / assistance regarding wild birds and the law please contact PC 1387 Paul Carter (RCAT)

27th February 2008 - Dont Let them Scam you - Leaflets available

The Office of Fair trading has launched its Scam Awareness month 2008 and produced 2 leaflets for carers and care professionals "Can you stop the person you care for from being conned" "Dont let them con you".These are downloadable from their web site Regards PCSO Barb Neill

27th February 2008 - Look out for a Red Ford Sierra

Could I please ask you all to be on the lookout for a Red Sierra Estate index number H195 EAV? This is a stolen vehicle that has been involved in a rather serious incident and can I ask that if you spot this vehicle in any of our villages that you contact 999 immediately. Thank you. PCSO Barb Neill

27th February 2008 - Distraction Burglaries

Please be aware that there has been a number of distraction burglaries around East Cambridgeshire area over the last couple of weeks.

These are normally a team of two to three people knocking on the doors of the elderly or the vulnerable in our community. They have been pretending to be from a Water company or Electric company and dressed themselves in fluorescent jackets to try to look genuine.

If you have had strange persons knocking on yours or your neighbours doors, claiming to be workers for these companies then please call the Police by telephoning the 0845 4564564 number to report your suspicions.

All utility company personnel carry photo ID cards and normally send a letter to the address concerned before hand informing the occupant of their intended visit.

Always request to see their Identification and if they say they have none then do not let them in. You can call the company concerned to confirm they are genuine workers, but use the telephone number provided on your utility bill and do not use a number given to you by the person at your front door. Some have been known to try and impersonate Police officers if you are in doubt ask to see the officers Warrant card which is a photo identification card.If they are a genuine Police officer they will not hesitate to show their Warrant card. But if you are unsure and they are acting strange again do not let them in contact the Police on the 0845 4564564 to confirm who they say they are.

24th February 2008 - Suspicious Vehicles

Dare I say it but we have had a quiet week out in our villages. I have received a couple of reports of vehicles behaving rather suspiciously in & around the Isleham area the indexes to look out for are:

K538 GNG and is a small blue Mitsubishi. R732 DHA and is a white Astra estate. If you see them please let us know what they are up to?

On a brighter note the people that were reported helping themselves in the CO-OP in Fordham recently have been identified and are due in court next week. Regards PCSO Barb Neill

20th February 2008 - Shed Break-Ins

As I return to work following a couple of rest days we have had a couple of shed break-ins, can I please ask you all to take a look at your own sheds/garages and review the security on then to prevent yours being paid some unwanted attention. I'm sure some of you have heard on the news this week that there has been an increase in theft of telephone wire, how this happens is the thieves will either make a hole or use an existing one locate the wire and use a 4x4 style vehicle to rip it out of the ground.

Can I ask you that if you see a road unexpectedly closed or activity that you think fits the tactics used by these crooks to please report it to us by the usual means. - PCSO Barb Neill 7237.

15th February 2008 -Watch out there are thieves about

We have had a few incidents this week in our villages, we had a horse trailer stolen from Wicken, a dog kennel taken from Chippenham, a break in at a local premises in Isleham and a shed break in and tools taken from Isleham. Things to look out for this week are theft of heating oil from tanks, these are usually in your gardens and relatively easy to access and seem to be the main attraction for our local thieves at the moment.

Could I ask you to keep an eye out for the following vehicles and let us know if you spot them:

White Transit van index YE51 VNL and a White Transit van index P886 AJO, also a Silver Mercedes or Audi no index known

These are vehicles that have all been either seen acting suspiciously in the area or suspected of being used in distraction burglaries.

Take care, till next time - PCSO Barb Neill 7237.

12th February 2008 - An amusing late night call out

Hello hope you are all well & enjoying the sunshine this week has bought us. our villages have had a couple of strange incidents so far one was a resident in Fordham being woken in the small hours by a chap claiming to be from the Gas board. The resident thought this to be odd so rightly gave us a call to attend & check this guy out. He thankfully was from the Gas board & checked out ok but this is the kind of thing we don't mind being called out to as it may not of been the case. Could I ask you to keep your eyes on the lookout for a white van index number AO04 ZVZ this vehicle has been seen acting suspiciously in the Isleham area and was having a good look around, if you spot it or any other persons or vehicles acting oddly in our villages, please shout for us? Any other issues then please do not hesitate to email me or give us a call on 0845 456 456 4 - PCSO Barb Neill 7237.

8th February 2008 - Fordham Co-op Theft

We have remained quiet this week as far as crime is concerned, the crimes reported were the theft of number plates from the vehicle reported earlier this week & we have had a theft of meat & toiletries from Fordham Co-op. Could I ask you to remain vigilant & please report any suspicous behaviour we see in our villages, getting as much information as you can especially descriptions & vehicles used as this helps to track these individuals down and bring them to justice. Any other issues then please do not hesitate to email me or give us a call on 0845 456 456 4 - PCSO Barb Neill 7237.

6th February 2008 - Number Plate Theft and Parking at Schools

Once again I am pleased to report that we have had a quiet couple of days in our villages. We did have one crime which was a theft of some number plates from a car in Isleham the number plates more than likely will be on another vehicle by now so could I ask you to keep an eye out for registration plates AO05 YBS and if you spot them or any thing else that you find suspicous please do let us know. I have been looking at the parking whilst out & about and all seems well apart from around the schools, parents there is no excuse for bad & inconsiderate parking there whilst dropping off/ picking up your children. Any other issues then please do not hesitate to email me or give us a call on 0845 456 456 4 - PCSO Barb Neill 7237.

3rd February 2008 - Good and Bad News

This week has seen a few incidents in the villages. There was a stolen motor vehicle at the beginning of the week. This was found the next day in Ely in someone's driveway with all the contents of the vehicle consisting of tools taken. So this was good news with bad news. There was a stolen caravan from Wicken which  am happy to say that has been recovered also intact. We had a suspicious incident in Isleham were on 2 different occasions a male has asked to buy someone's Skoda. Most callers like this are not the ones who really want to sell a car. This is another way that people can do distraction burglaries so please be aware of anything like this and let us know if you have this happen to you.The co-op in Fordham has had a theft of bread this week. 2 offenders came drove up to the co-op came into the shop in balaclavas and threw bread into the co-op and also stole loaves. If you have any information then please let up know. Any other issues then please do not hesitate to email me or give us a call on 0845 456 456 4 - PCSO Barb Neill 7237.

30th January 2008 - Vehicle Crime

As I return to work following a couple of days off I am sorry to say that our vehicle crimewave that we had been experiencing in Isleham has moved on to Fordham over the last day or so we have had reported 5 thefts from vehicles and 2 thefts of vehicles. Can I ask you once again to make sure that you leave your vehicles secure & that nothing of value is left in them, as sat nav systems are the favourite item for our light-fingered friends to take please be sure to remove the cradles from either the windscreen or dash of you can as this often leads to the thieves thinking that the navigation system will either be stored in the glove box or under the front seats & quite often they are.Here's hoping to a better week! - PCSO Barb Neill 7237

25th January 2008 - Reminders on Local Theft

 I'm not sure if it's the rather chilly weather but I'm pleased to say that the evenings have been fairly quiet in our villages this week. That said we did have a spell of car crime in Isleham overnight on Sunday/Monday. Can I please ask you to make sure your vehicles are left as secure as possible? I know we are quite lucky with having relatively little crime in our areas however it is asking for trouble when you leave windows and doors of vehicles unlocked. One chap even popped into the shop leaving his vehicles engine running and on his return saw his car being driven off by thieves, thankfully we recovered the vehicle later that day but we really don't want our villages to be known as easy pickings. Whilst we are on the subject of vehicles can I please ask that you park with some consideration for others in our villages as I have noticed a dip in standards over the last few weeks and will be monitoring and issuing tickets accordingly. - PCSO Barb Neill 7237

21st January 2008 - Stolen Motor Vehicle Isleham

I hope you have all had a relaxing weekend. There has been a stolen motor vehicle from Isleham at the weekend. Can I remind you to lock your vehicles at all times and be aware of who is around you. If you see anything suspicious then do not hesitate to call us on 0845 456 456 4 to report any suspicious people and/or vehicles. There has been some rowdy nuisance in Fordham also where youths were sitting in their car with loud music. Reporting these incidents to us are very important as we can keep a record of what is happening and target the areas that are causing the most problems. - PCSO Barb Neill 7237

18th January 2008 - Thefts from local stores

What a busy week we have had in our villages!!! We started the week with a series of thefts from our local stores when we viewed the CCTV footage it was apparent to note how many people where around the thieves when they committed the thefts. Obviously please don't apprehend them yourselves but if you see anything could I ask you to please alert a member of staff so as they can contact us to deal with it. We had a metal theft from Wicken which I am pleased to say that thanks to the vigilance of residents being able to give us a full index number from the vehicle involved I am pleased to say the thieves where caught and arrested within 20 minutes of the theft occurring.

Please can you keep your eyes out for vehicle index AV06 PXG this is a white Transit van and has been seen with a group of young men in it acting suspiciously in the Isleham area. -PCSO Barb Neill 7237

16th January 2008 - Traffic Collisions in the Chippenham area

I am pleased to report that on my return following a couple of days rest that the villages have been relatively quiet. The only incidents to note are a series of road traffic collisions in the Chippenham area and numerous reports of roads with a great deal of mud on then. Can I please ask if you are out & about in your cars that if the weather takes a turn for the worse then please take extra care on our rural roads and drive to the conditions.

If you do spot a great deal of mud on your roads and wish to report it as a hazard can I please ask that you ring the 0845 456 456 4 number as opposed to the 999 number unless of course an accident has occured. -PCSO Barb Neill 7237

13th January 2008 - Burglary in Isleham

We have had quite a busy week this week. We started the week with a neighbourhood panel meeting which set our priorites for the next 3 months as Anti Social Behaviour and Vehicle Crime. We also held surgeries in Wicken,Fordham,Isleham,Kennett,Chippenham & Snailwell. We had a business burglary in Isleham and a theft of a large quanity of meat also from Isleham. We had a static caravan fire, a road traffic collision and also some damage to a vehicle.As well as various house to house enquries & reassurance visits being made following on from our distraction burglaries mentioned in my earlier messages. - PCSO Barb Neill 7237

12th January 2008 - Distraction Burglaries in local area

could I just make you aware of a series of distraction burglaries that have occurred recently in our area, I'm sure you remember the 3 we had in December in Kennett? We had a similar set of circumstances happen in Fordham and Soham this week. It is possible that they are linked but could I just make you all aware as the message still does not seem to be getting home to our elderly residents that they mustn't let complete strangers into their homes and to keep their homes as secure as they can. I'm sure it makes you as angry as it does me when these people get targeted by thieves, so if you have any local older friends or relatives perhaps you could remind them to beware? I do have various bits & pieces of information available should you need them or any other advice or am more than willing to come along to chat to people on how they can protect themselves and their homes? Any problems just call? - PCSO Barb Neill 7237 - Phone 0845 456 456 4

12th January 2008 - Beware of bogus police officers

I have been asked by my Sergeant to drop you all a line about bogus callers, only this time the callers are posing as plain clothes Police Officers.I would like to remind people that all Police Officers will carry a warrant card, that will always be produced on request no questions asked.If the person or persons do not comply then do not allow them into your home. Once again these people will call upon the Elderly as this generation tends not to ask to many questions. I would like you all to inform any Elderly relations or neighbours of this latest scam, and as always look out for anyone that appears in your street who is cold calling. As usual please call 0845 456 456 4 if you have any concerns. - PCSO Barb Neill 7237

PCSO Barb Neill

Southern Team

10th December 2007- Burglaries in Kennett

We have very recently had a couple of burglaries in Kennett which were quite distressing as the occupants were elderly and at home during the burglaries. Could you please be on the look out for any suspicious or untoward activity  especially where you know there are elderly people. Do not hesitate in contacting the local police on  0845 456 4564 or if you think a crime is in progress call 999.

10th November2007 - Mobile Phone Fraud

If you receive a phone call on your mobile from any person, saying that he or she is a company engineer, or telling that they're checking your mobile line, and you have to press #90 or #09 or any other number, end this call immediately without pressing any numbers.

There is a fraud company using a device that once you press #90 or #09 they can access your 'SIM' card and make calls at your expense.

Forward this message to as many colleagues, relatives and friends as you can, to stop it.