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Kennett Village Plan Needs you!

A poster of Lord Kitchener pointing his urgent request at Kennett Villagers may seem “off the wall”, but it has a serious side. It has been chosen to encourage villagers to return their Village Plan questionnaire.

Village Plan "Kitchener" Poster

 “It is very important that Kennett residents help by returning the questionnaire,” says Barclay Dutson, Vice Chair of Kennett Parish Council. “This is not just another survey – this is your survey.”

 There are just 136 homes on the Kennett Electoral Roll, with 249 residents. A high response rate is needed for the results to be statistically reliable. The data will be analysed by an independent research agency.

 “ACRE is supporting the Kennett Plan”, says Jo Fitzpatrick of Cambridgeshire ACRE. “The Plan involves all sectors of the community and gives them the opportunity to say what issues affect their lives. The Parish Council then incorporates these into an action plan. We wish the Steering Group success in their efforts.”

 As a first part of the plan, a new website has been produced. “We have put details of our research so far on the site, and here villagers can download copies of survey leaflets and questionnaires for them to fill in. We’ve come a long way since 1086, when Kennett was inhabited by 19 peasants!” says Derek Miles, member of the Steering Group who acts as Webmaster.

 Already, in the pre-survey research, there is much concern about the number of heavy lorries (HGV’s) on the roads.  Station Road, especially, is used as a cut through between the A11 and A14, with a dangerous turn at the Bell Pub. There are risks to children and their parents at Kennett School, where they have to park in the road. Villagers are also hoping that there might be an extension of the areas with speeding limits.

 A Steering Group has been formed that includes Barclay Dutson, Derek Miles, Anthony French, and Robin and Josephine Swanson. Further members and volunteers are welcome, and can contact Barclay Dutson on 01638 751098 or via the website.

 Local businesses will have the chance to sponsor the activity, which will put their message across to local residents and opinion formers on the East Cambs and Cambridgeshire Councils, as well as Kennett’s MP. Business sponsorship will provide publicity on the web site and all printed materials, including the influential Parish plan.

 The questionnaire will be hand delivered to villagers by a team of volunteers this autumn.


 Barclay Dutson, Vice Chair, Kennett Parish Council, 10e Dane Hill Road, Kennett, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 7QX.  Tel: 01638 751098.

 Jo Fitzpatrick, Cambridgeshire ACRE, 32 Main Street, Littleport, Ely, Cambridgeshire CB6 1PJ.  Tel: 01353 865043

Derek Miles, Webmaster and IT, 74a Station Road, Kennett, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 7QX.  Tel: 01638 751362.

 Notes: ACRE is “Action with Communities in Rural England”.